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How to disable your laptop’s keyboard

Dear readers

i was recently faced with an issue that made my laptop keys get stuck or type by itself like it has been possessed by something

the permanent fix is to replace the keyboard but laptop parts aren’t always available so the temporary fix is to disable your internal keyboard with the trick i am about to show you and use an external keyboard

so whatever the situation or your reason may be, this is how you disable the keyboard of your faulty laptop

Start> in the search box type gpedit.msc click the icon to open Group Policy Editor
from there go to Computer configuration>Administrative templates>System>Device installation>

Click on Device Installation Restrictions>Right Click on Prevent Installation Of Devices not described by other policy settings>edit and Enable it (ENABLED radio Button) and apply.

We’re halfway there
Now Go to computer>right click>manage click on Device manager>keyboards>right click on your keyboard and Uninstall

your keyboard should now be disabled………………

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