How to install ADDS on Windows Server 2012 and later


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As stated in the headline we will go through the steps for installing ADDS (Active Directory Domain Services) on windows server 2012 and onward

First from server manager click on manage>add roles and features

This will open add roles and features wizard
click next

On installation type keep it as it is and click next

On the server selection page click next

On the server roles page select active directory domain services from the roles list

Click next

This will open a popup window

Click on add features

Click next

On the ADDS page click next again

This will bring us to the confirmation window

Check Restart the destination server automatically if required and click on install

And wait for the installation to be completed

After the installation is done close the window and click on promote this server to a domain controller from the notification are beside the manage button

This will open the ADDS configuration wizard

Click on the add a new forest radio button (since we are creating a new domain controller)

On the Root domain name box write your desired domain name

After writing the domain name click next and wait

We will be keeping these default

Under the DSRM password section enter your desired password

Click next

On the DNS options page click next again and wait

On the additional options page keep things default and click next

On the paths page keep things default click next

You’ll be presented with the review options page from here u can review everything you selected or press next

The wizard will now check for prerequisites and verify your settings wait until the prerequisite check is finished

If u encounter any problems during the prerequisites check, u can a leave a comment here and we will try to solve the issue

After the check is finished click on Install and wait for the installation to be over (this may take some time) and your server will reboot

After the installation is complete u will be able to see the netbios name followed by a username

Use the administrator credentials to login and access your server as usual

If the new installation is successful you will see two new roles in the server manager window AD DS and DNS

u can use them from the tools section of the server manager

This concludes the tutorial…

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