How to Install and Configure Security Measures-Windows 7


Procedure: Enable Simple File Sharing in Windows 7

By default, Simple File Sharing is disabled in Windows 7. To enable Simple File Sharing in Windows7:

1.      Ensure that the Windows 7 computer is connected to a network.

2.      Log on as a user with administrative privileges.

3.      From the Control Panel, open the Network and Sharing Center.

4.      In the left pane, click the Change advanced sharing settings link.

5.      In the File and printer sharing section, select Turn on file and printer sharing.

6.      Scroll down to the Password protected sharing section and select Turn off password protected sharing.

7.      Click Save changes.

8.      Close all open windows.

Procedure:Share a Folder Using Simple File Sharing in Windows 7

To share a folder with Simple File Sharing enabled in Windows 7:

1.      Log on as a user with administrative authority.

2.      Right-click the folder and choose Share withSpecific people.

3.      From the Add drop-down list, select the users with whom you would like to share

the folder and click Add.

4.      For each user, from the Permission level drop-down list, select one of the following options:

  • Read to allow viewing and reading of files.
  • Read/Write to allow viewing, addition, and deletion of files added.

5.      Click Share.

6.      Click Done to close the File Sharing window.

7.      Test access to the share to verify that it is available.

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