How to Logging into the Cisco Router


Logging into the Router

After the interface status messages appear and you pres Return ,the Router> prompt will appear. This is called user mode to view statistics, thought it is also a stepping-stone to logging into privileged mode. You can only view and change the configuration of a cisco router in privileged mode, which you enter with the command enable.




To exit form the privileged mode:-



At this point you can type logout to exit the console.


Router con0 is now available

Press return to get started.

Overview of Router Modes

To configure from a CLI, you can make global changes to the router by typing config terminal  (config t for short),which puts you in global configuration mode and changes what is known as the running –config. You can type config from the privileged mode prompt and then just press Return to take the default of terminal.

Router # config terminal or [config  t]

Enter configuration commands ,one per line,end with CNTL/Z.

Router (config) #

                                                                               ———————– To be Continue


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