How to reduce google chrome ram usage


Hello readers,

Google chrome is one of the most reliable and used browsers now

but for those who have older devices struggle to run chrome optimally due to its generally higher ram consumption and CPU intensive extensions (if u installed them)

the tricks i’ll show will help you reduce ram consumption and make chrome run smoother.
google chrome has its own task manager that shows RAM and CPU usage of open tabs and extensions
one thing we can do is check for open tabs that we are not using and are consuming a lot of resources and force close them until we want to use that tab again and reload

lets identify which tabs or extensions are using up most memory with google chrome’s task manager
press SHIFT+Esc to bring up chrome’s task manager

now click on memory footprint to sort by the most memory usage

we can see that Facebook is using a lot of memory (if u scroll Facebook for too long it may even take up more than 1GB of RAM)
click on the process or tab u are not using right now and click on “end process” button on the bottom right side
u may also uninstall the exntensions you are not using or is taking up too much memory too

note: ending the browser process will crash the browser

that concludes this little tutorial

have a great day!


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