How to setting Hostnames,Descriptions,Viewing and Saving in Cisco Router



You can set the hostname of the router with the hostname command.This is only locally significant,which means it has no bearing on how the router performs name lookups on the internetwork.

Router#config  t

Router (config)#hostname Technews

Technews (config)#


Setting descriptions on an interface is helpful to the administrator and ,like the hostname,only locally significant.This is a helpful command because it can be used to keep track of circuit numbers,for example.

Technews (config)#int e0

Technews (config-if)#descripton Sales Lan

Technews (config-if)#int s0

Technews (config-if)#desc Wan to Miami circuit :6fdda4321

 Viewing and saving configuration:

If you run through setup mode,it will ask you if you want to use the configuration you created.If you say yes,then it will copy the configuration running inDRAM,known as running-cnfig,to NCRAM and name the file startup-config.You can manually save the file from DRAM to NVRAM by using the copy running –config startup-config command.You can use the shortcut

Copy run start also.

Router#copy run start

Destination filename [startup-config]?return

Warning :Attempting to overwrite an NVRAM configuration previously written by a different version of the system image.overwrite the previous NVRAM


Building configuration . . . .


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