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Hello readers

I am sure everyone knows what an EQ is or has seen it in a way shape or form somewhere
like the old cassette players or smartphones
whichever generation u may be from
sometimes we want to experiment with even more options and ways to tweak the sound for that sweet spot the optimal sound quality that suits your taste

Or just to add a little sparkle, or boost the bass of your favorite song

And that’s where the VST plugins come in
VST plugins are generally used by the pros in music industry to accomplish various tasks

VST plugins provide more control and are generally more powerful than anything your built-in EQ system has to offer

We will need 3 things to get this experimental (somewhat overkill for some people) setup running

  1. Winamp
  2. The VST host plugin for Winamp
  3. A VST plugin of your choice

First, install winamp from:

Then we need to install the VST host plugin from:

Install that in the same directory as Winamp

Now we need a VST plugin to use with Winamp although I use Izotope ozone but it’s not beginner friendly

So we will go with a simple and free alternative EasyQ
it has low CPU consumption and as the name implies it’s very easy to use

So download and extract EasyQ  from
and store it in a permanent safe location (we will need this file later)

Now run Winamp and press Ctrl+P this will open preferences

From there scroll down and go to Pugins>DSP/Effect and click on VST Host DSP v1.1.6 for winamp and then click configure active plugin

If you followed the previous steps correctly this will bring up a small window click on the empty box beside VST Plugin then click on Load DLL locate the directory u stored your Easy Q files and select EasyQ.dll

This will Open the EasyQ interface

If you don’t know how to use an EQ just use the premade presets and use the one that sounds best to you

I hope you enjoy the VST plugins with winamp now

For now, this is techylife saying goodbye…


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