How to Use Zoom Options in a Document-MS Word 2013….!!!!


How to Use Zoom Options in a Document-MS Excel 2013

Use zoom options to set magnification levels in your document.

Use Zoom Options to Magnify a Document

To increase or decrease magnification level in your document:

            1.       On the VIEW tab, in the Zoom group, select the desired zoom level.

a. Select Zoom, and in the dialog box, select a preset level or enter a custom level.

b. Select 100% to set the level to 100 percent.

c. Select One Page to view one page within the window.

d. Select Two Page to view two pages in the window.

e. Select Page Width to expand one page to the window width.

            2.       On the status bar, on the Zoom Slider, click the plus or minus symbols, or drag the slider to the desired level.

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