Idea of Cisco IOS command-line interface-(Part-5)


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Today we are discuss IP features. This information is very important cisco router CLI platform. So, buildup your idea……………….

IP ADDRESS; configures the IP address for that device.

IP DEFAULT –GATEWAY; configures the default gateway address.

IP SUBNET-ZERO; enables the user of zero subnet.

IP HOST;  global configuration command to manually assign host names to addresses.

IP NAME-SERVER; allows entries for up to six name servers (DNS).

IP ROUTE <destination subnet><subnet mask>IP of next-hop router; global command used for static routing. The permanent option will ensure the entry remains in the table even if the path is not active.

IP ACCESS-GROUP; activates an access list on an interface.

IP CLASSLESS; allows packets to use the default route of

IP RIP SEND VERSION; tells the router whether to send RIP1, RIP2,or both style of updates.

IP RIP RECEIVE VERSION; tells the router whether to receive RIP1, RIP2, or both style of updates.

IP MAXIMUM-PATHS; by default, the IOS supports four equal-cost routes to the same IP subnet in the routing table at the same time. This number cannot be changed to between 1 and 6.

IP DOMAIN-NAME; assigns a domain name to a router.

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