Idea of Error and Warning Messages in Event Viewer


Warning and error messages in the System or Application event logs do not necessarily indicate a major problem on your system. Many warning and error messages are usually benign and do not indicate a problem. If you review the contents of your own system’s logs regularly, you will be familiar with the events logged by normal system operations and be able to distinguish these from true problem conditions that require action.

Event Viewer

Figure : Error and warning messages in Event Viewer.

The Structure of Event Log Entries

The structure of event log entries differs by operating system, but they generally share some common information, such as the type of log, the time the event occurred, the user name of who was logged on at the time of the event (or who caused the event), keywords, any identification numbers, and what category (or categories) that the event belongs to.

Windows Error Reporting

The Windows Error Reporting node in the Software Environment category in System Information contains data about the faults generated by Event Viewer. When there is a severe error, Windows will also display an Error Reporting dialog box and generate report data. The Error Reporting dialog box gives you the option to send the report data to Microsoft for analysis.

Registry Error Messages

In extremely rare cases, you may receive a stop error or another error message that reports a problem with Registry access, Registry value entries, or the Registry files. For example, a hard disk problem or power failure may have corrupted the Registry hive files. To protect the Registry, always maintain proper system backups. The best solution to a specific Registry problem is to search for the text of the specific error message at and follow the instructions in any resulting Knowledge Base article.

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