Idea of Human communication is a kind of network


communication is a kind of network

Advantage of network

Provides centralized data storage provides faster data is used for efficient communication between workgroups by using:

1. Electronic mail

2. Online conferencing

3. Group War

Types of networks

On the basis of the area covered, networks are classified into:

1. Local Area Network (LAN)

2. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

3. Wide Area Network (WAN)

Local Area Network

1. LAN is confined a single location

2. Uses cables as its connecting media

3. Has the maximum distance between networks limited by:

– The length of the signal

– The network system`s built-in time limit for sending and receiving the messages via the connecting media

Metropolitan Area Network

1. Man covers a larger area compared to LAN

2. Uses the LAN technology

3. Carries information on the from of computer signals

Wide Area Network

1. WAN covers a larger area compared to LAN

2. Carries information in the from of signals from one computer to another

3. WAN  is spread over wide areas such as:

–          Cities

–          States

–          Countries

Establishes communication via:

     –  Telephones line

     –  Satellites

     –  Microwaves

Advantages of  LAN over WAN

1. LAN designers can setup their own network that is technically reliable

2. Whereas WAN designer are forced to use existing public telephone  network that is technically unreliable

3. LAN cables are more reliable since the error rates are lesser than in WAN

4. Error detection and correction are done at lower on LANs as compared to WANs

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