Idea of “The IEEE standardized protocol”-Part-6



LMI :  Local Management Interface.the protocol used between a Frame Relay DCE and DTE to manage the connection.Signaling message,and keepalives are all LMI messages.

LSA : Link-State Advertisement.A packet used by link-state protocols that contains information about neighbors and path costs. LSA are used by the receiving routers to maintain their routing tables.

Mask :  See subnet mask.

Max Age timer :  An STP timer that defines how long a bridge or switch should wait after the last received hello message before believing that the network topology has changed,and it can no longer hear the hello messages sent by the root bridge or switch.

Metric :  A unit of measure used by routing protocol algorithms to determine the best pathway for traffic to use to reach a particular destination.

MLP :  Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol.A method of splitting,recombining,and sequencing datagrams across multiple point-to-point WAN links.

MTU :  Maximum Transmission Unit.The maximum packet size,in bytes,that a particular interface can handle.

NAT : Network Address Translation.A mechanism for reducing the need for globally unique IP addresses.NAT allows an organization with addresses that are not globally unique to connect to the internet by translating those addresses into globally routeable address space.

NBMA :  Non Broadcast Multi Access.A network in which broadcasts are not supported,but more than two devices can be connected.

neighbor : A router that has an interface to a common network.

OSPF : Open Shortest Path First.A link-state,hierarchical Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP)routing algorithm proposed as a successor to Routing Information Protocol(RIP) in the Internet community. OSPF features include least-cost routing, multipath routing,and load balancing. OSPF was derived from an early version of the Intermediate System- to- Intermediate System (IS-IS) protocol.

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