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KVM Switches

A KWM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch is a device that allows a computer user to control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse, with the display sent to a single monitor. This feature is particularly useful in managing multiple test environments, or in accessing multiple servers that have no need for dedicated display or input devices. KVM switches are available with PS/2 or USB connections, and come in desktop, inline, or rack-mount varieties. Higher-end rack-mount models may be uplinked to connect dozens of computers.

KVM Switches

Figure: A KVM switch.

To install a KVM switch:

1. Turn off all the computers that are to be connected.

2. Identify the type of KVM switch you have. There are two types of KVM switches available: PS/2 and USB.

3. Identify the port that suits the type of KVM switch you have at the back of your computer. Some computers have front USB ports.

4. Connect all the computers to the KVM switch in the same way. A typical KVM switch can support from two to eight computers at a time.

NB: Some enterprise-grade KVM switches can be cascaded to several levels to support up to 512 computers at a time.

5. Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse in the appropriate ports of the KVM switch.

6. Insert the KVM connector into the appropriate port on each computer (PS/2, USB, or VGA).

7. Turn on all the computers

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