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To increase battery life and reduce overheating, mobile processors consume less power than their desktop PC counterparts. Generally, processors in portable computers are not upgradeable by the user. Most of them are soldered onto the system board, making them shock-proof but resistant to adaptation.

Mobile Processor

Figure: A mobile processor.

There are many types of mobile processors.

Mobile Processor and Description

Legacy Mobile Intel® 

Mobile Intel®Pentium®II

The Mobile Intel Pentium II was packaged either in a BGA package or a Mini-cartridge package. It supported MMX, and used Quick Start and Deep Sleep modes for low power dissipation. It also featured an integrated math coprocessor and Dual Independent Bus (DIB) architecture.

Mobile Intel®Pentium®III

The Mobile Intel Pentium III was available in various configurations,including low-voltage and ultra-low-voltage. The Mobile Intel Pentium III used a technology called SpeedStep, which offered two performance modes: a Maximized Performance Mode and a Battery Optimized Mode. It had Quick Start and Deep Sleep modes for low power dissipation, and an integrated math coprocessor.

Mobile Intel®Pentium®III-M

The Mobile Intel Pentium III-M processor line improved upon the Mobile Intel Pentium III line by incorporating Enhanced SpeedStep technology and Deeper Sleep mode, as well as the other features of the Mobile Pentium III. It was available in regular, low-voltage, and ultra-low-voltage chips.

Mobile Intel®Celeron®

A cost-effective alternative to equivalent Intel processors. The earliest Mobile Intel Celerons had an integrated math coprocessor and Quick Start and Deep Sleep modes for low power dissipation. The current Celeron- badged Celeron M is in production using a smaller manufacturing process. These processors have lower voltage consumption and generate less heat than original Celeron processors.

Mobile Intel®Pentium®4

The Mobile Intel Pentium 4 series of processors is designed to support high-performance processing operations. It includes Enhanced SpeedStep technology and Deeper Sleep, as well as the NetBurst micro-architecture that was introduced with the standard Pentium 4 processor. Hyperthreading support is available in the Mobile Pentium 4 HT model.


The processor was developed as part of Intel’s Centrino Mobile technology, where Intel combined components specifically designed for mobile computing to optimize their performance and compatibility. It has Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning (MVP IV) technology, which adjusts voltage based on processing needs, which allows for better power and thermal management.


This family of mobile processors are available as the Intel®Core™ Solo, Intel®Core™      Duo, and Intel®Core™2 Duo. The Core Solo provides a single processing core, while the Core Duo has two processor cores within the processor package, allowing for better handling of multiple processor- intensive tasks. The Core 2 Duo also has two cores while also providing added performance for processor-intensive tasks.

Mobile AMD Athlon™

The Mobile Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Athlon 64 processor provides performance and mobility, incorporating AMD PowerNow!™ technology to deliver performance on demand while helping to extend system battery life. It is also designed to be compatible with all currently available wireless solutions. The Athlon 64 X2 is the first dual core processor designed by AMD. It improves upon the performance of the Athlon 64. It is capable of running multiple software threads at one time, and overall increases performance.

Mobile AMD Sempron™

The Mobile AMD Sempron is a cost-effective alternative to the Mobile AMD Athlon. Mobile AMD Sempron processors feature lower power requirements to enable thin and light designs or full size mobile computing.

Mobile AMD Turion™

AMD Turion 64 mobile technology delivers AMD 64 performance in thinner and lighter notebook PCs with longer battery life, added security, and compatibility with the latest wireless and graphics technologies. The Turion™   64 X2 Dual-Core adds dual core processing power to portable computers. The Turion™   Ultra is the first processor designed only for the mobile platform. It is designed to improve performance and reduce power consumption.

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