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Today we are knowledge gather what do you mean by Broadband Communications.

Broadband Communications

Definition: Broadband is a general term for a category of network transmission technologies that provide high throughput by splitting communications into multiple channels transmitted simultaneously over the network media. Today’s common broadband network communications technologies are typically employed to provide affordable high-speed Internet access to homes and businesses.



Figure: Broadband transmission.

Baseband vs. Broadband

The opposite of broadband is baseband. In baseband transmissions, a single signal sends data using the entire bandwidth of the transmission media. Devices cannot simultaneously send and receive data. Neither baseband nor broadband is inherently faster or slower, but broadband is effec- tively faster on large public networks, notably the Internet, where multiple clients are trying to send and receive data simultaneously. For this reason, in common usage, “broadband networks” have become synonymous with “fast networks,” although not all fast networks use broadband signaling. There is no single common definition of the minimum data rate for a technology to be fast enough to qualify as “broadband” in this sense, although a one-way transmission rate in the range of at least 1.5 Mbps is typical.

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