Idea of Cisco IOS command-line interface-(Part-6)


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Today we are discuss most important features of cisco CLI platform. Every professional is very helpful. So, buildup your idea……………….

ROUTER <PROTOCOL> [keyword];starts the routing process.Once routing is enabled,you must use the NETWORK command to indicate which interfaces will be used.


ROUTER IGRP <AS NUMBER>;starts IGRP,but you must have an AS (Autonomous System)number.All routers within an AS system must use the same number.

NETWORK <NETWORK –NUMBER>;used after ROUTER command to allow the routing process to determine which interfaces will participate in the sending and receiving of routing updates.EX:NETWORK

PORT SECURE(enables port security and limits the number of MAC addresses that can be learned on a single port;prevents hackers from simply plugging in).

ERASE STARTUP-CONFIG or WRITE ERASE;erases NVRAM configuration by writing zeros into NVRAM.

BOOT SYSTEM;global command that allows you to specify the source of the IOS software image to load.Attempts are made to load the IOS from the first command in the configuration to the last.If the first fails,the second boot command is used.

BOOT SYSTEM ROM;IOS from ROM is loaded.

BOOT SYSTEM FLASH;the first file from flash memory is loaded.

BOOT SYSTEM TFTP x.x.x.x <FILENAME>;IOS with a filename is loaded from a TFTP server.

SNMP-SERVER ENABLE TRAPS;enables SNMP sysylog messages to be sent as SNMP traps.

DUPLEX;changes duplex mode for an interface.

BANNER MOTD <DELIMETER>;sets the message. of the day on the router.Use the #sign as a delimiter to start and stop the message.

PROMPT <NEW SETTING> ;changes the prompt character.

CONFIGURE TERMINAL;starts global configuration mode from privileged exec mode and allows you to use global commands.Global commands are commands that effect the entire router.

LOGOUT;logs user out of the router.

TERMINAL HISTORY SIZE X;the default history buffer size is 10,but this command will change the history size to a valuebetween 0 and 256.

HISTORY;displays a history of previous commands.Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate.

HISTORY SIZE;sets the maximum number of commands stored in the history buffer.

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