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Different Keyboard Types

Standard keyboards are rectangular in shape, and have 84, 101, or 104 keys.

  • The original PC keyboard, the XT, has 84 keys. A numeric pad is integrated to the right of the alphabetical keys. Function keys are along the left side of the keyboard.

XT Keyboard

  • The AT keyboard also has 84 keys and is very similar to the original PC keyboard. However, on the AT keyboard, the numeric pad is separate from the alphabetical keys.

AT keyboard

  • The AT Enhanced keyboard has 101 keys. The function keys are integrated across the top. Arrow keys have been added, as well as a set of six keys— Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down. There are also additional command keys such as Esc and Ctrl.

AT Enhanced keyboard

  • The Windows 104-key keyboard is similar to the AT Enhanced keyboard, but adds two Windows keys and a Menu key. The Windows keys are analogous to clicking the Windows Start button and the Menu key performs the same functions as right-clicking the mouse.
  • Natural or ergonomic keyboards usually split the keyboard in half so each hand can comfortably use its own set of keys. Built-in wrist rests are common, and some ergonomic keyboards also have an integrated pointing device such as a trackball or touch pad.

ergonomic keyboards

  • Dvorak keyboards rearrange the keys into a more efficient arrangement that makes faster typing possible, for users who have become familiar with it.

Dvorak keyboards

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