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We are discuss most essential three classes of routing protocols. This protocol is very important our network technological platform. So, develop our idea…………..

There are essentially three classes of routing protocols:

1) Distance Vector (hops);uses frequent broadcasts on all interfaces to determine the direction and distance to other links and accumulate distance vector.As this process continues,routers discover the best path to non-directly connected networks.The metric values are cumulative.each distance vector protocol uses a different routing algorithm to determine the best route,which generates a number called the metric value for each path through the network.Typically,the smaller the metric,the better the path.EX:RIP and IGRP.

Benefits of Distance  Vector protocols:

Simple design for smaller networks

2) Link State;recreates the exect topology of the entire network for route computation. .Link State takes bandwidth into account using a cost metric. .Link State protocols only send updates when a change occurs,which makes them more attractive for larger networks. .Link –Statealgorithm maintain a complex database of topology information including LSPs (link-State Packets),a topological database,the SPF (Shortest Path First) algorithm,the resulting SPF tree,and finally,a routing table of paths and ports to each network.Bandwidth and delay are the most heavily weighed parts of the metric when using .Link –State protocols.EX:OSPF and NLSP.

Benefits of Link- State protocols:

Allows the use of a more robust addressing scheme

Allows for a larger scalable network

Reduces convergence time

Allows “supernetting”

3) Balanced Hybrid;combines aspects of Link State and Distance Vector routing protocols.Balanced Hybrid uses distance vectors with more accurate metrics to determine the best path to destination networks.EX:EIGRP.

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