Idea of Fiber Optic Connectors


Fiber Optic Connectors:

There are various connector types used with fiber optic cable.

Connector and Description:

Straight Tip (ST):

Used to connect multimode fiber, ST connectors look like BNC connectors. They have a straight, ceramic center pin and bayonet lug lockdown.They are often used in network patch panels. ST connectors are perhaps the most popular type of fiber connector.

Straight Tip (ST)

Subscriber Connector or Standard Connector (SC):

Box-shaped connectors that snap into a receptacle. SC connectors are often used in a duplex configuration where two fibers are terminated into two SC connectors that are molded together. SC is used with single-mode fiber

Subscriber Connector

Face Contact (FC):

Similar to SMA connectors, FC connectors use a heavy duty ferrule in the center for more mechanical stability than SMA or ST connectors. These connectors are more popular in industrial settings where greater strength is required.

Face Contact(FC)

Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI):

The FDDI connector is a push/pull type, two-channel snap-fit connector used for multimode fiber optic cable. Also called a MIC (Media Interface Connector).



A bayonet-style connector using the traditional BNC connection method.



The biconic connector is a screw-on type connector with a tapered sleeve that is fixed against guided rings and screws onto the threaded sleeve to secure the connection. When the connector is inserted into the receptacle, the tapered end of the connector locates the fiber optic cable into the proper position. The biconic connector is one of the earliest connector types and is, for the most part, no longer in use.


Local Connector (LC):

The LC is a small form factor ceramic ferrule connector for both single- mode and multimode fiber. It is about half the size of the SC or ST. The LC uses an RJ45-type latching and can be used to transition installations from twisted pair copper cabling to fiber.

Local Connector

Sub Multi Assembly or Sub Miniature type A (SMA):

Similar to ST connectors, SMA connectors use a threaded ferrule on the outside to lock the connector in place. These are typically used where water or other environmental factors necessitate a waterproof connection, which would not be possible with a bayonet-style connector.


Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack (MT-RJ):

The MT-RJ connector, sometimes called a Fiber Jack connector, is a compact snap-to-lock connector used with multimode fiber. The MT-RJ is easy to use and similar in size to the RJ45 connector. Two strands of fiber are attached with one connector.

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