Idea of Other Console Port Commands and Encrypting your passwords


Other console port commands

Router (config) # line con 0

Router (config-line) # exec-timeout?

<0-35791>Timeout in minutes

Router (config- line) #exec-Timeout 0?

<0-2147483>Timeout in seconds

Router (config- line) #exec-Timeout 0 0

Router (config- line) #logging synchronous

Telnet password

To set the user mode password for Telnet access into the router, use the line vty command. Routers that are not running the Enterprise edition of the Cisco IOS default to five VTY lines, 0 through 4. However, if you have the Enterprise edition, you will have significantly more. The router we are using for this section has 198(0-197). The best way to find out how many lines you have is to use the question mark.

Router (config-line) #line vty 0?

<1-197> Last Line Number

Router (config-line) #line vty   0    197

Router (config-line) # login

Router (config-line) # password   technews1

Encrypting Your Password

To manually encrypt your passwords, use the service password encryption command. Here is an example of how to perform manual password encryption:

Router #config  t

Router (config)#service   password-encryption

Router (config)#enable   password   technews2

Router (config) #line   vty   0    197

Router (config-line) # login

Router (config-line) # password   tecnews3

Router (config-line) # exit

Router (config-line) # no service password-encryption

Router (config) # ^Z



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