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You have installed Windows and configured networking, you should obtain the latest updates for that version from the Microsoft Windows Update website. The appearance and functionality of the website will be customized for the particular version of Windows you are using, but the updates will fall into one of three categories: critical updates, including Service Packs and security-related system patches; optional software updates that provide new tools and functionality; and optional hardware updates such as new device drivers.

Windows Update

Figure: Windows Update.

Tips: The Windows Update website is located at You can also connect to the Windows Update website by choosing Windows Update from the Start menu. You can run either an Express or Custom update; if you run a Custom update, you will be able to choose from updates in each of the three main categories.

Tips: Microsoft Update is an alternative Microsoft website you can use as a comprehensive source of updates for not only Windows operating systems but also for other Microsoft software products as well. Windows Update is a subset of Microsoft Update, so if you are performing Microsoft Updates, there is no need to perform Windows Updates in addition. The first time you try to run Microsoft Update, you will need to click to accept a separate End User License Agreement. You can access Microsoft Update at

Service Packs and Patches

Patches are targeted operating system updates that Microsoft releases on an as-needed basis to provide enhancements to the operating system or to address security or performance issues. Service Packs are comprehensive updates that generally include all prior patches and updates, but which can also include important new features and functions. Windows XP SP2, for instance, included firewall changes; SP3 included support for Statements of Health and Digital Rights Management.

Windows Genuine Advantage

Every time you access the Microsoft Update site, it goes through a process of validating your installation. If Microsoft deems the install to be invalid, you will not be able to proceed with updates and will be instructed to contact Microsoft.

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