Idea of Storage Devices-Tape Drives, Solid State Storage


Tape Drives

Definition: A tape drive is a personal computer storage device that stores data magnetically on a tape that is enclosed in a removable tape cartridge. Data on the tape must be read sequentially. The size of external tape drives varies, but internal drives have a 5.25- inch form factor. Tape drives are most commonly used to store backup copies of data.


Tape Drives

Figure: A tape drive.

Solid State Storage

Definition: Solid state storage is a personal computer storage device that stores data in special types of memory instead of on disks or tape. Common types of solid state storage include the USB devices commonly known as jump drives or thumb drives, flash memory cards, and secure digital (SD) memory cards. Solid state storage uses non-volatile memory to emulate mechanical storage devices, but solid state storage is much faster and more reliable than mechanical storage because there are no moving parts.


Solid State Storage

Figure: Solid state storage.

Solid State vs. Magnetic Storage

Storage devices typically store data in either solid-state or magnetic form. Solid state devices, such as flash drives, contain no moving parts and tend to be more reliable than magnetic drives. Magnetic drives, such as hard drives, store information on a magnetic coated media that is rotated underneath a read/write head.

Hot Swappable Devices

Hot swapping is a type of hardware replacement procedure where a component can be replaced while the main power is still on. Also called hot plug or hot insertion, hot swap is a feature of USB and FireWire devices, enabling you to install an external drive, network adapter, or other peripheral without having to power down the com- puter. It is good practice to use the safe removal option from the System Tray before removing a hot swappable device or peripheral from the computer. Hot swapping can also refer to the system’s ability to detect when hardware is added or removed. Non- hot-swappable devices require the system to be shut down and restarted before any device installation updates/removals are recognized by the system.

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