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Describes Some Typical Linux Devices

Typical Linux Devices

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Today we are describe some important linux device information.

Linux receives data from, sends data to, and stores data on devices. A device usually corresponds to a hardware unit, such as a keyboard or serial port. However, a device may have no hardware counterpart: the kernel creates several pseudo devices that you can access as devices but that have no physical existence. Moreover, a single hardware unit may correspond to several devices- for example; Linux defines each partition of a disk drive as a distinct device. Describes some typical Linux devices; not every system provides all these devices and some systems provide devices not shown in the table.

Typical Linux Devices




Bus mouse


Sound card


CD-ROM drive


Current virtual console

Fd n                                               

Floppy drive ( n designates the drive; f do is the first floppy drive)

Ft ape

Streaming tape drive not supporting rewind    

Hd  xn                                 

Non-SCSI hard drive (x designates the n designates the partition ; for example had 1 is the first partition of the first non-SCSI Hard drive)

I n p o r t b m                              

Bus mouse

1p n                                            

parallel port( n designates the device number ; for example, lp0  is the first parallel port)







N f tape                                       

Streaming tape  drive supporting rewind

Nrft n                                           

Streaming tape drive supporting rewind( n designates the

Device number ; for example n r f to is the first streaming Tape drive)


N s t  n                                           

Streaming SCSI  tape drive not supporting rewind ( n designates the device number ; for example , n s t o  is The first streaming SCSI tape drive)


Pseudo device that accepts unlimited output




Auxiliary pointing device, such as a trackball , or the knob On IBM’s Thinkpad


r f t n                                              

Streaming tape drive not supporting rewind (n designates the device   number ; for example, r f t o is the first streaming tape drive)

s c d n                                      

SCSI device (n designates the  device number; for example, s c d o is the SCSI device)

sd   xn                                           

SCSI  hard drive ( x designates the drive and  n designates the partition: for example , sda1 is the first partition of the firs SCSI hard drive )

s r n                                                

SCSI  CD- ROM ( n designates the drive; for example, s r o is the first SCSI CD-ROM)


s t n                                              

streaming SCSI tape drive supporting rewind ( n designates the device number ; for example, s t o is the first streaming SCSI tape drive )

t ty n                                                

Virtual console (n designates the particular virtual console ; for example, t t y o is the first  virtual console)

tt yS n                                          

Modem (n designates the port ; for example , t t y So is an incoming modem connection on the first serial port)


Pseudo device that supplies an inexhaustible stream of zero- bytes                                             

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