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VTP Pruning

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Today we are discuss VTP pruning process. It is important our cisco platform.So develop idea…………

By default, a trunk connection carries traffic for all VLANs. Broadcasts (and unknown destination unicasts) in every VLAN are sent to every switch in the network, according to the current STP topology. However, in most networks, a switch does not have interfaces in every VLAN, so the broadcasts for the VLANs in which it has no interfaces simply waste bandwidth.

VTP pruning allows switches to prevent broadcasts and unknown unicasts from flowing to switches that do not have any ports in that VLAN.

VTP pruning increases the available bandwidth by restricting flooded traffic, which consists of broadcasts and unknown destination unicasts. VTP pruning is one of the two most compelling reasons to use VTP. The other reason is to make VLAN configuration easier and more consistent.

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