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Windows Administrative Shares

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Certain folders are shared by default on every Windows system. These administrative shares can be deleted, but by default, the system will re-create them every time it restarts (unlike local shares, which do not get re-created). The administrative shares are hidden shares, which means that they have a dollar sign ( $ ) appended to the share name. (You can create your own hidden shares by doing the same thing.) You can connect to hidden shares by entering a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path, but otherwise, the shares are not visible on the network. You can see all shares on a system, including administrative shares, by opening Computer Management, expanding Shared Folders, and selecting the Shares node. You should see the following administrative shares on every Windows system:

1) The root of each drive on the system is shared with its drive letter. Thus, the C drive is shared administratively as C$, the D drive is shared as D$, and so on.
2) The folder where Windows is installed, usually the C:\Windows folder, is shared as ADMIN$
3) An Inter Process Communication (IPC) network object is created and shared as IPC$. This does not represent a local folder, but enables computers to establish network sessions using the IPC mechanism.

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