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Today we are discuss important process of password recovery for cisco router. This information is very important every network professional. So, develop your idea……………

The two keys to password recovery are knowing that ROMMON (Remote Monitor;a minimal Cisco IOS that allows router access incase the IOS is damaged or unavailable) enables you to reset the configuration register and that a console user can get into ROMMON mode by pressing the Break Key during the first 60  seconds after power-on.Knowing how to reset the configuration register enables you to boot the router (ignoring NVRAM),allowing the console user to see or change the system passwords.

Here are the basic steps associated with password recovery:

1.Turn the router off and then back on again.

2.Press the Break key within the first 60 seconds.

3. Change the configuration register so that bit 6 is 1 (CONFREG COMMAND).

4. Cause the router to load an IOS.(RELOAD command or just power off and on).

5. Avoid setup mode,which will be automatically prompted.

6. Enter privileged mode.

7. View startup configuration to see unencrypted passwords.(EX:SHOW STARTUP-CONFIG).

8. Use the appropriate commands to reset  any encrypted passwords (EX:ENABLE SECRET).

9. Change the configuration register back to the original value.

10. Save the new configuration to active changes (EX:COPY RUNNING-CONFIG STARTUP-CONFIG).

11. Reboot the router.

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    At step 3 it is mentioned to change to change the configuration register so that 6 bits are on (1), it would be wiser to mention the hexadecimal values instead of saying 6 bits on (1), it would help beginners to understand and on the other hand an addition of reference would work.

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