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Today we are discuss some important question and answer dynamic host configuration protocol purpose sixth part.






Important Question and Answer – DHCP

Q:-01: How can I control which clients get leases from my server?

There is no ideal answer:you have to give something up or do some extra work.

A) You can put all your clients on asubnet of your own along with your own DHCP server.

B) You can use manual allocation.

C) Perhaps you can find DHCP server software that allows you to list which MAC addresses the server will accept .DHCP servers that support roaming machines may be adapted to such use.

D) You can use the user class option assuming your clients and server support it:it will require you to configure each of your clents with a user class name.You still depend upon the other clients to respect your wishes.

Q:-02: How do I make a client give up its lease?

This is a general question,but the answer is of necessity specific to the client implementation. Naturally ,one  way to avoid the problem is to keep leases short enough that you are not a blged to do this.

A) On e ethod mentioned is to temporarily change the clock on the client.

B) For a Win 95 client,the winipcfg.exe program can do it.

Q:-03: How do I get DHCP to log to its own file?

The DHCP server normally does its logging via syslog.By default,it will log all messages with the facility of LOG_DAEMON.This will mix up all the DHCP log entries with all other daemons on your system.Yhese messages will typically end up in the /var/log/messages or/var/adm/messages file,depending on your system.To make the server log its messages to a different location,put the following line near the top of your configuration file,outside of any subnet or shared-network declarations:

log-facility locall;

You can put any log facility in that line.You will also need to tell syslog where to log this new data.Add the following line to the /etc/syslog.conf file,and re-sart syslog.Please note that there are TAB characters between the facility and the filename.This is important.See the syslog man page on your system for more details.

local 17.debug                                                      /var/log/dhcpd

Don’t forget to  re-start syslog after making this change.

Also,you may want to hve your DHCP logs rotated along with your other logs.Since this is specific to each platform,we won’t cover the details of this here.Look in root’s crontab for the weekly log rotation script.

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