How To Increase Battery Life On Your Android Smartphone


Dear viewers,Android phones have a very short battery life which is a well-known secret, but that is only if you go with default settings on your phone. Simple changes can give you a surprising result with a longer battery life. Check out these settings below which I found very useful and a big help for getting a good battery juice.


Try to use a dark colored background for your phone because most of this smartphones screens are illuminating the color pixels. So if you are black or dark background, then it will take less battery to light them up.


Auto Brightness Feature

Change your auto brightness control from auto to manual mode. Auto brightness are usually trying to keep the display brighter more than you need which sucks the battery power so much. Keeping auto brightness control off is one of the main ways to improve your battery life.


Try to keep off any kind of auto alerts which you don’t need actually. Also switch off your vibration alerts as much as possible. It is also one of the battery suckers.

Turn off all those smart features unless you really needed like GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Auto updates.


Always keep your apps updated. Developers are constantly updating their apps for better performances with better battery life. So it will give you better interface along with good battery life.


If your phone has a battery power saving mode (Samsung smartphones have this feature), use it while needed. This feature can add extra battery life when you are running out of battery and no charger or charging point close to you.


Use lock screen widgets or notifications much more. It will help you a lot to get more battery life as you don’t need to unlock your phone to see. These widgets allow users to view or notified on the locked screen.


If you follow these simple tricks I am sure you will get a much longer battery life for your android smartphones. In case you still having a battery draining problems, then go to settings and tap on battery. Here you can see clearly which apps or what features are eating how much battery. So easily you can deal with that specific app or feature. Sometimes android’s own features eating battery life, so you can turn that feature off or just wait for an update where Google surely consider that issue.



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