Informative idea of File Compression and Encryption


File Compression and Encryption

File Compression and Encryption

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Today we are discuss more effective informative idea of File compression and file encryption are two special features of the NTFS file system that are implemented as advanced attributes.

1) File compression is a way to save disk space by removing blank or repeated characters within files. Windows file compression is rarely used, partly because disk space on most systems today is relatively plentiful, and partly because there are other ways to reduce file size, such as with a file-compression utility like WinZip®, that creates a new, compressed file that you can copy to other media or email to other users.

2) File encryption is an NTFS security measure that scrambles the contents of a file so that only the person who encrypted the file can open it, even if the disk containing the file is physically removed from the computer and loaded into a different computer system. File encryption is a good way to protect data on portable devices such as laptop computers.

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