Install Memory in Portable Computing Devices


Procedure : Install Memory in Portable Computing Devices

To install memory in portable computer devices:

1.      Install memory in a laptop or notebook portable computer.

       Install memory in a laptop

a.     Shut down the system and unplug the power cord. You should never install memory while the system is powered on. If necessary, remove the battery from the portable device.

b.     Locate the memory cover and remove it. This could be on the bottom of the system, on the side of the system, or under the keyboard. Refer to the documentation for how to access the memory.

c.     If necessary, remove the memory module.

d.     Verify that the new memory is appropriate for the system. There are many types of memory, often proprietary to a specific system or manufacturer.

e.     Insert the memory module according to the directions in the system or memory documentation.

f.     Replace the cover to the memory slots. If necessary, replace the battery.

g.     Start the computer and verify that the additional memory was recognized.

2.      Install memory in an MP3 player, a PDA, or a digital camera.

       memory in pda

a.     Turn off the device.

b.    Locate the memory slot. This is often under a cover that needs to be opened to access the slot (in most digital cameras and MP3 players). Other times, it might just connect externally to the device (such as is the case for some PDA devices).

c.     Remove existing memory, if necessary.

d.    Insert the memory according to the directions in the documentation. There is often a picture indicating the orientation of the device in relationship to the slot.

e.     Turn on the device.

f.     Verify that the memory was recognized.

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