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Hello viewers, today I’m going to present an important topic of JAVA i.e. installing and configuring JAVA. In order to run JAVA programs first we must install JDK (Java Development Kit).You don’t have JDK- it’s not a big deal! Download the Java Development Kit and yes do not forget to choose the right version of Java at the time of download keeping in mind the existing platform. Once the set up file is downloaded, you may proceed to install Java.

Once Java is installed, we need to configure it by adding the Java path to the environment variable, PATH. This eliminates the restriction to use Java only from its current working directory. To set the PATH variable to the Java directory, we need to perform the following steps:

  • Right click on Computer icon and select the Properties option from the expanded list and click on Advanced system settings from System console. The system console appears, as shown in this fig.

System Console


  • By clicking on Advanced system settings the System Properties dialog box appears, as shown in following fig.

System Properties


  • Select Environment Variables button to display the Environment Variables dialog box, as shown in following fig.

Environment Variables

  • The Environment Variables dialog box is divided into two sections-User variables and System variables. Under the System variables, select the Path option below the variable column and click the Edit button. The Edit System Variable dialog box appears, as shown in following fig.

Edit System Variable

  • By default, the Path is already set to multiple locations. To set the Java directory path to the Path variable, append the directory path in the variable value text box, separated by a semi-colon, as shown here.

Edit System Variable2

  • Finally click OK to close all open dialog boxes and complete the process of configuring Java.

That’s all; hope you will able to configure Java.

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