Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2007 Calendar


Accessing the Outlook 2007 Calendar

 You should be “in” Outlook Mail 2007.  On the left side of your screen, there is a long column called the Navigation Pane

Look at the bottom of the Navigation Pane and you will see a Calendar button.






Click the Calendar Button.  A Calendar screen, similar to the one below, will appear.






Notice, at the top of the calendar, a small area that looks like the image above.  The default for Outlook 2007 is a single day.  You can change this to view a 5 day work week, a 7 day week, or a full month.  We’ll now view each choice.

When you click the 5 Work Week button, an image similar to the one below will appear


When you click 7 Week, the image at the top of the next page will appear.

Left Mouse Button

In this tutorial, whenever we indicate that you need to click a mouse button, it will mean to click the left mouse button – unless we indicate that you should click the right mouse button.  So, always move the cursor over the “place” we indicate and “click left” unless we tell you otherwise.




When you click  31 Month, an image similar to the one on the right will appear.



You choose the view that you preferFor this tutorial we’ll use the 5 Work Week calendar.

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