Let’s make a line folloewer Robot :: part-2


Hi dear, I was busy with my exam and study that is why I missed technews365 and you a lot. Now I am totally free from exam. And I am here to write here to help you to make a autonomous line follower robot.

I have posted a list of required parts before this post. Who missed that part please click below to see that at a glance.

Let’s make a line follower Robot part-1

  • Now we will start out robotic tour. We have the bread board and DC socket. Now use the connecting wire to connect DC socket with the bread board for this you can see this picture images

In this picture the blue colored wire will be -(ve) and red colored wire will be +(ve). Now in the variable adapter you will see two variable regulators one is to regulate voltage and another is to select which pin will go VCC and which will GND. See this image: 163036147_162951314ecb2255bcfa1b96c2bb7f1556c323c3acabe4517

here hole means DC sockets blue wire. We will select the (-) hole. Now our first step is finished.

  • Second step is to connect the DC socket with the bread board. 7805_fritzing now connect the V. adapter with this socket.
  • Third step is little bit complicated but you will get this by my image. here input will be connected with the V.adapters VCC connection and the ground will be connected with the V.adapters ground connection. Now will another two connecting wire to get the output one will be connected with output pin and another will bw connected with ground pin. see this image.

Now this step is also finished. You have made a volt regulated power supply. Use your multimeter to verify the voltage of this 7805ICs output. what are you seeing ? yes its about 4.85 or something nearly about this voltage. Now your bread board is ready to use any digital IC by the supply voltage. Test it you can use LED to test the connection. use LED’s positive pin with this output pin and another with the black wired pin. see LED is lighting.

That’s all for today. Please comment here to notify me that you are reading and enjoying my posts. This will encourage me to write more. thank you. Goodbye….. 🙂

If you have any question about this please don’t hesitate to comment me here.

Happy Robotics.

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