Let’s make a line follower Robot ::Part-1


Hi dear, I am not very good at robotics but I am trying to enrich my arena of knowledge in robotics. I have built a line follower robot with a micro-controller and  sensor. Which can sense the road which is built on two colors (Black and White). My goal is here to help you to understand about robot and to show you that how the autonomous robot deal with the real life environment.  For this lesson you will need some equipment and electrical appliances. List is given below:

  1. L.D.R./ I.R. Rx. (3 pcs)
  2. Bright LED / I.R. Tx. (3 pcs)
  3. Variable resistors (3 pcs)
  4. Bread Board (1 pc)
  5. Vero board (1 pc)
  6. Variable Adapter (1 pc)
  7. Resistors 1000k(3 pcs), 100(3 pcs)
  8. DC socket (1 pc)
  9. Capacitor 1000 microfarad (2 pcs)
  10. IC—> 7805(regulator), LM324 (OPAMP/ Sensor), L293D(Motor controller)
  11. Gear Motor (2 pcs)
  12. Multimeter.
  13. Connecting Wire 4 gauges.
  14. Soldering Iron with Lid, soldering pest
  15. Micro controller (ATmel series) Atmega8 or Atmega16
  16. Robot Wheel (Rubber covered)
  17. AVR programming KIT and its burning software.
  18. Caster wheel
  19. C.C.B.
  20. Plastic Sheet
  21. Steel light sheet and nut bolts.

First of all our deal is with Bread board and LM324 and LDR, LED or IR Tx Rx.

We will gradually learn about all of these things turn by turn. Now we will see how the bread board works. BreadBoard-1images

Bread boards are actually used to test the connection you built is right or not. We are seeing in the image that there are two groups in the boar one group is horizontal an another is vertical. The groups are shorted in line, if you connect one pin of the IC or any electronic part than you will get the connection from any of the port of the group. We will use I.C. in the middle of the bread board. So, we will test the port connection now in the bread board if they are connected or not. We will use multimeter to test this connection.

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