Let’s make a line follower Robot part-3


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Ho are you all? Today we are going to learn about LM324 IC which is operational amplifier. The OP-AMP

for those who have missed the past parts is given here have a look and clear the past parts.

Let’s make a link follower Robot part-1

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In this IC no4 and n0 11 pin is used to supply voltage. no 4 pin is Vcc +5V) and no 11 pin is GND (ground). Now our challenge is to get a sensor output which will be amplified by this IC. We will use LDR and LED. Snapshot_20130718_1 So see this image in this image you will see that we have used resisters V. resisters and some connecting wire. Now you will have to connect all of the parts on Bread board. After that you will see a magic. Just turn the V. Resister and tune for your capable range of light on LDR and then just put a reflective object. What are you seeing ? Yes. The Output LED is lighting. This will send the sense that if there is a line or not. That’s all for today. you can see this complete circuits operation in this link below.


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