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Hello everybody……

Sorry for the late on giving this post. How are you all? Today we are going to grab the main part of robotics. We believe that brain controls our whole activities. Like that a microchip controls the robots whole activities. We will use Micro-controllers here as robots brain. Actually micro-controller is a microprocessor with some memories. We can sense the environment and other situations with our 5 senses like that robot also can sense the environment and other situations with the different sensors. Like us we can hear by our ear, Robot can hear with their sonar sensor. We can see with our eye. like that robot can see with their vision sensors. We can calculate the distance robot also can calculate the distance. But after all robot does all activities is controlled by the processors.

Now we are going to learn about the Micro-controller programming. We will use ATmel produced AVR micro controllers. For this we need to buy some appliances.

1. Micro-controller (ATmega8 , ATmega16, ATmega32)

2. AVR Burner.

3. Programmer (AVR Studio4 or higher) link

4. Computer with windows support. That’s all.

We will get the basics of AVR programming in the next part.

Happy robotics;;;;; 😛 😛 😛

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