Let’s make a line follower robot :: Part-7


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Today we are in the last step of this line follower robot. Today we are going to make our robot live. We have to code the micro-controller first. This is not so hard. Just you have to know the interface. AVR micro-controller has some programming utilities. imagesindex We are seeing in the picture that in ATmega 31 there are 40 pins. They have also different blocks as identity. So we are going to use their identity to use their bits. We have known in the previous part that digital signal represents only two position in the logic state. that is Zero or One.

Now our deal is to prepare a program for this chip. Our goal is to let the micro controller understand the sensors output. We are using the LM324 as Operational Amplifier. This cheap sends signal as 1 or 0.

If we can sense the output of the LM324 then it is too easy to make a program for the micro controller. We will give the robot instruction to ride on a black background white line. If the line is under the Sensor then the robot will walk on the way. if the line become black then the robot will find the way of white line.

Yes our logic for the chip is ready. Now use the AVR programmer to code the MC. Then use a AVR burner to burn the program on the chip. Then the next steps will be given the next part. Till then Be safe.

Allah hafiz.

Happy Robotics. 🙂 🙂

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    i am really newbie ..i don’t have idea of robot..buy year i can understand that your post is help they people are really works on robotics system..

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