Let’s make a line follower robot :: Part – 8 – (Last part)


Hello everybody…… How are you?? I am fine but busy with my semester exams. Today is our last part or robotics to make a line follower robot.

We will use a L293d IC for controlling the motors. This is a motor controller IC for robotics. We can use 12V Gear motor to move the robot and to get the activities. index

Short all the GNDs in a line and add them with the ground. Here Input1 and Input2 will be the first motors Micro-controllers output. And Output1 and 2 will the 1st motors output. Generally we know one motor will work on two wired connections, Same will be applied for the second motor. Now we will see that if we change the direction of VCC and GND then the direction of the motor will be changed. So, we made it.

We have coded MC(micro-controller). Now we are about to implement it in the circuit board. First of all we are going to design the circuit board. We first plan for the circuit board. We are going to use CCB (copper circuit board) to make a PCB(printed circuit board). So you can use many online PCB software or Proteus ares to design the circuit board. Then you will have to print this design on the CCB and then use the cleaning chemical (FeCl2) to clean the CCB layout. Now use a circuit driller to drill the circuits components pins. When all the pins are been drilled then put the components by seeing the circuit layout. That’s all. Now solder the components permanently. Now you have made your robots mother board. Use connecting wire to connect the Gear motors. Now get a model of your robot. Mind it the model would be like a try cycle model. Two wheel of the robot will be controlled by two motors. The motor controlled  wheel will be the front wheels. Then add a craft wheel at the back. I have my own model here.

Thank you for a long journey with me through the Robotics world. I pray the good wishes for all. Rajumeazi will come after a few days with the new ideas and new creativeness for you. Till then remain safe. Allah hafiz.

Happy Robotics 🙂 🙂 🙂

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