How to make almost any photo look better


Dear viewers, If you take a look at most any photographer’s portfolio, what you’re likely to see is a collection of his/her very best shots. After all, no one really enjoys showcasing images that aren’t so great.

That’s right, even the most talented and experienced photographers take plenty of duds which typically are left out of their galleries.

That being said, some of the awesome shots that end up being shared with the world didn’t start out all that great. Some were too dark, others were a bit blurry, and still others had unwanted objects in the scene that detracted from the overall appearance of the photo.

Thanks to the power of digital photography and modern image editing software, many of those not-so-great captures can be salvaged and even turned into works of art.

Most pro photographers use the awesome Adobe PhotoShop, but if you don’t wish to lay out hundreds of dollars for the full-blown Photoshop package, Photoshop Elements offers plenty of power and functionality for us casual photographers. I began using Photoshop Elements with version 4.0, and today I use Photoshop Elements 12.

If you’d rather not shell out a few bucks for a commercial image editor, there are several free alternatives that do many of the things I’m getting ready to discuss. But I personally prefer Photoshop Elements because everything is so intuitive and easy to use.

And now, on to the tips…


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