Making an Appointment In Outlook Calendar 2007


Making an Appointment

 There are several different methods for creating an Appointment in Outlook Calendar 2007.



Probably the quickest way to create an appointment is to go to the calendar day/time for the appointment, and DOUBLE CLICK QUICKLY on the Time and Day for the appointment (we are in the 5 Work Week Calendar).


We want to make an 8:00 to 9:00 AM appointment on Monday, 7 May.  So, we double click quickly on 8:00 AM (see image on right).





We could also RIGHT click on this time and date. A drop down menu with New Appointment will appearClick New Appointment.


Both of the above methods will open an Untitled – Appointment menu screen like the one below.


We’ll now enlarge the top portion of the Untitled – Appointment Menu Screen (below).


Notice that the date and time we chose are indicated in the Start time: area of the screen.  We’ll now enter additional information on our meeting in the appropriate areas of this screen.



In the image above, we entered the information on the person with whom we are meeting in the Subject:

area (see top arrow on left) and then the place where we are meeting in the Location area (lower arrow on left).

Once you enter this information, you’ll see the “name” of the appointment change to the data you

have entered in the Subject area.  We then clicked the down pointing arrow to the right of End time

and moved the time to 9:00 AM (lower right arrow).



Notice, above and to the right of End time, there is a Reminder (upper right arrow).

If you have speakers with your computer, and desire a sound to play (as a reminder)

indicates 1 hourthis is how many hours/minutes before the meeting thebefore your appointment, leave this as you see it.  To the right of Reminder it

reminder will sound.  To the right of 1 hour is a down arrow.  If you click this down arrow,

you can change the time to any time you desire (to be reminded of your coming meeting).




On the right side of the Appointment Tab/Ribbon, you’ll see a Categorize button.  If you click the Categorize button, a drop down menu will appear with different meeting categories and colors.  You can choose a meeting label and color if you desire.  We chose “orange” and “Fairly Important” for our meeting.


If you desire to edit the current choices, or create some of your own, simply click the All Categories button and follow the instructions.







Below the Subject/Location/Time/Date area you will see a blank white area.  This area is a “text box” where you can type additional information on your appointment if you need to do so.  Also notice that when we selected the “orange – Fairly Important” choice that this now appears at the top of our appointment screen.



Your final appointment screen should look something like the one below.  When you have everything the way you want it, click the Save and Close button on the left of the screen.




You will now return to your calendar.  Depending on which “day view” you chose, you should see something like the image on the right – we are in 5 Work Week.

If you need to change something on your calendar it is fairly simple.  Simply click the left mouse button twice quickly on the appointment, and it will open the Appointment Screen for you to make any changes you desire.


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