Microsoft Windows – How to Create a Local Group and Modify a User’s Group Memberships


create Local Group and modify

Procedure: Create a Local Group

To create a local group:

1.  Open Computer Management.

2.  Expand Local Users and Groups and select the Groups folder.

3.  Choose ActionNew Group.

4.  Enter the group name and an optional description of the group.

5.  Enter and verify the user names and click OK.

6.  Click Create, and then click Close.

Procedure : Modify a User’s Group Memberships

To modify a user’s group memberships in Windows:

1.  Log on as a local computer Administrator.

2.  Open Computer Management.

3.  Expand Local Users and Groups.

4.  Select the Users folder.

5.  Double-click the user for whom you want to change group memberships.

6.  Select the Member Of tab.

7.  Click Add.

8. If you know the name of the group to which you want to add the user, enter it under Enter the object names to select (examples) and click OK.

If you want to search for the group to which you want to add the user:

a. Click Advanced.

b. Click Find Now to display a list of groups.

c. Select the group or groups and click OK.

9.  Click OK to close the Select Groups dialog box.

10.Click OK to close the user’s Properties dialog box.

11.Close Computer Management.

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