How To Monitor, Restrict Data Usage In Android


Now a day almost everybody is using mobile data and cautious about the usage limit, so that it never give a hike in our mobile monthly bill. We have many options available in the market which allows us to check our mobile data usage, but only knowing our usage is not enough. We need something that can monitor the usage and gives us warning if usage goes up accidentally and also restrict if required. Today each of us is so busy that we have no time to spend much time to check data usage and count billing cycle and all. So we can appoint WATCH DOG who can do all these for us with lot more extra features for FREE. The actual name of this android app is 3G WATCHDOG. It is available both free and pro versions. I think the free version of this app is more than enough for any individuals to fulfil their requirements.
You can easily get this app from android market or clicking this link below;

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Features of 3G WATCHDOG
It can monitor your mobile (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS) data usage and also shows a status with color icon. You must install it on your phone not in SD-Card so that it can able to run in the background and check your data usage. Once you set your monthly usage data as per your plan, it will start counting and you can monitor very easily your daily, weekly and monthly usage with full details.

3G Watchdog

If you go with the pro versions, then it will also allow you to know the data usage by single apps on your mobile or tablet. There is another very good feature you can have with 3G WATCHDOG which is a restriction of your usage once it is close to the limit. By this feature, you can stop your apps and phone accessing data or you can get an alert about your usage limit.



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