Basic idea of Photoshop…!!


 What is Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop requires no real introduction. You may never have used the program, but you’ve certainly heard of it and you know what it can do. Photoshop is useful as an editing tool for the modeling industry, it has also proved a fundamental weapon in the arsenal of marketers, advertisers, graphic designers, photographers, newspaper and magazine editors, animators and live-action filmmakers, publishers, web designers, events planners, educators, and many others besides.

Whether or not your profession is listed above, learning the best practices of Photoshop can only help you in today’s world. Here let’s get started with the beginning first.

Photoshop Interface

 Above here is the interface of Photoshop CS. It has a

Title Bar

Title Bar

Menu Bar

Menu Bar

Tool Bar

Tool Bar

Tool Box

 tool box

In my next post I will share with you more about palette, interface of Photoshop & tool box.

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    dear thanks for your sharing post about of Basic Idea of Photoshop Bcoz When we are learn about of any topics 1stly learn from root level that means basic idea……

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