Power Supplies and Electrical Hazards …!!


Power Supplies and Electrical Hazards

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Today we are discuss most of the internal circuitry in a computer is low voltage (12 V or less) and low current, so there is not much of a threat to your personal safety. However, there are exceptions to this, and these exceptions can be very dangerous. The main exceptions that you need to be aware of are power supplies.

1) The computer’s power supply outputs a relatively low voltage, but the high voltage input can be hazardous. PC technicians who have diagnosed a bad power supply should simply replace it rather than open it to troubleshoot the internal components.

2) The power supply in a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) computer monitor increases the voltage, because CRT monitors contain circuits that require 35,000 V with a high current. In any power supply, current is stored on capacitors that do not discharge, even when the component is turned off or unplugged. Even after months of inactivity, the capacitors may have enough stored electrical energy to kill you. For this reason, leave the internal workings of the monitor to specialists who have the extra training and special equipment that are required to safely remove a monitor cover and make repairs. In many cases, it is less costly and faster to simply replace a defective monitor.

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