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hellow?……dear vewers today i am going to brief some usefull mattres which is too little but if we have knowledge about that we can make great troubleshoot for our lets go……………

What is CMOS?

complementary metal oxide semiconductor. its a kind of chips /ic.its helps us aboutsettings and change the value of our system bios.most probebly i think that msot of us should know that we cannot change our sytem bios.but we can change the value of it or we can change the settings of it.when we change such kind of settings we have to save it.and when we do that it go through is called cmos ram.

cmos battery:

we have seen a metalic battrey at our system mainbord.this is called cmos battery.when we changed the value of our system bios,it should be saved.other wise it will appear in vallue which was saved before or default.and we know that ram cannot hold his memory after restart or power is this kind of metalic battery is nedded inioder to save the settings of cmos.cmos battery is 3 volt and 2032 numbered.when we open the battery from the slot and restart the pc the settings go through its by default value.
bios: bios is called the indication with which pc can start itsworking is the basic  input output system .which indication we gives at bios the pc will run or starts working through it.its treace the devices,proper connectivity of the devices,syncronysing memory,booting instructions,etc.its a kind of programe and builts in a integrated chips at motherbord.

types of bios rom : most generely there are three kinds of bios rom.

1). prom , 2). eprom, 3) eeprom.

1.prom:programeable read only is an ic and at old version motherbords  it was most is removeable/changeable.

2.ep rom: eraseable programeable read only memory.based on slot . it is replaceable
3.eep rom:electricaly eraseable programeable read only is not replaceable.fixed with mainbord


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