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Procedure : Troubleshoot System Problems

When you diagnose and resolve any system problem in Windows, always follow a structured troubleshooting process:

1.      Gather information from the user and other resources to identify the problem. Resources include vendor manuals, web-based research materials, and operating system tools such as the event log and Device Manager.

2.      Analyze the problem and try to isolate a potential cause.

3.      Test the related components to confirm the possible cause.

4.      Implement a solution and evaluate the results.

5.      Verify with the user that the problem has been solved.

6.      Document your activities.

Procedure : Restore Files and Folders in Windows 7

To restore files and folders in Windows 7:

1.      Open the Backup and Restore dialog box.

2.      In the Restore section, click Restore all users files to start the Restore Files (Advanced) wizard.

3.      In the Restore Files (Advanced) wizard, click Browse for folders.

4.      Select the folders you want to restore and click Add folder.

5.      Click Next.

6.      In the Where do you want to restore your files page, select an option that suits your requirement.

  • In the original location. This option restores the files and folders in their original location.
  • In the following location. This option restores the files and folders in a user defined location.

7.      Click Restore.

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