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Many times you will have a recurring meeting or appointment that repeats throughout the year, or for several months.


Outlook Mail Calendar 2007 has a feature that will allow you to schedule recurring meetings and appointments.


Again, there are several ways to access this feature.  You can double click quickly on the first recurring meeting time and date and the Appointment screen will appear.  Or, you can click on the Actions tab in the Menu Bar and then select either New Recurring Appointment or New Recurring Meeting (they both do the same thing).





If you double click a time/date, you will have to click on the Recurrence button in the Appointment screen 









The Recurring Meeting/Appointment is accomplished in two steps.  First, you have to enter what dates, days, hours, weeks, etc. that you will meet, and then enter the normal appointment data about the meeting.  We’ll start with the Appointment Recurrence menu screen and then finish with the normal Appointment menu screen.  Once you click as indicated on the last page both the Appointment Recurrence and Untitled – Appointment screens will appear as shown in the image below.








For this tutorial we’ll use the example of a meeting that will be held twice a week for the next several months.  Our meeting will be from 10:00 to 11:00 AM, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 8 May 2007 through 18 October 2007First we’ll complete the Appointment Recurrence menu screen.  Our screen, when finished, looks like the image on the right.

To complete your Appointment Recurrence screen, click the down arrows to the right of Start and End and select your meeting times, then click in the circle for your Recurrence pattern (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).  Select the days on which you will meet by clicking in the small check boxes to the left of the days (Sunday, Monday, etc.).  Please see the image at the bottom of the last page (Page 8) and the arrows that indicate our selections.


In the lower left portion of the screen, in the Range of recurrence area, click the



down arrow to the right of Start and a neat thing will occur – a miniature calendar will let you choose your specific date.  Simply click the date you desire and it will appear in the Start area.


If you need to move to another month, the right and left pointing triangles on either side of the Month (August), will move you ahead or back one month.


Repeat this process in the End by area in the lower right area of the screen.


When you have entered all of your data, click the OK button.  This will take you to the Untitled – Appointment menu screenFill-in your information as you did on Pages 4 to 6 and then click Save and Close.  If you need to make changes later, you simply click the Recurrence button and make any changes as outlined above.


Our screen looks like the one below.





After we clicked Save & Close, we changed our calendar view to 31 Month, and moved to the month of September 2004.  You can now easily see, in the image at the top of the next page, that each of the meetings is schedule for the entire month.  If you moved to October, you would see the last meeting occurring on the 18th as entered.



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