Restart problem and solutions…….of PC


Restart problem and solutions

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Today i will talk about the PC restart problem.Sometimes we face this problem…….our PC get restart at various way,sometimes continuously.Most of us don’t know the reason and get worried.But who are related or know a little bit about hardware he can solve this problem.But who are not friendly with this matter he /she can also solve this kind of problem….if he/she want.So lets have a look:

RESTART 1: Often computer is running but suddenly it get restarted.the main reason is fthe week power distribution.Sometime our power supply cannot distribute the power/voltage accurately.You can check the main power distribution line, and can change the power supply.Most of the time it will ok after changing power supply.

RESTART 2: often PC get restart after few minutes of running. This is happening more and many times ,but no time will not find any problem at any thing. But it will continuously restart.Don’t worry, open your pc cover, check the colling fan is running or not properly. Then any how check the heat absorve capacity of the fan.Then open the fan and put some colling paste at the processor. if nessecery change the fan.

RESTART 3:Running computer often get restart but not continuously.some times virus can cause this problem or ram can cause this kind of problem also.At first scan the total computer with a registered antivirus then check your ram.clean with rubber and replace it at the slot.

RESTART 4: When windows is start it takes few minutes.Some times show some error or some time dont show any massege but get restarted.It is cause for the corruption of windows files.At this situation you have to reset up your windows or repair your windows.

There are also many reasons of restarting PC.but this are the most common issues,and we can solve this kinds easily.

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