How to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for a later time


Dear viewers,There are times when it would be nice to have the ability to schedule a post for Facebook or Twitter and have the post “go live” on your wall at a later date and time. Facebook “Fan Pages” already allow you to schedule posts for future publication, but personal Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts do not. But a free service called LaterBro does. Using LaterBro to schedule future posts is quite fast and easy to do. Simply visit and sign in with either your Facebook or Twitter credentials (depending on which site you wish to schedule the post for), then fill out the simple form with your post info and choose a date for it to go live. That’s all there is too it. There is one caveat to using LaterBro to schedule Facebook posts however. Your Facebook post is limited to the same 140 character length as Twitter tweets. But for messages that are short and to the point, the service works like a charm. Give it a try!


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