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Aligning text to tab stops helps make it neat and easy to read.

Display the Rules

To display rulers:

            1.       On the VIEW tab, in the Show group, check the Ruler check box.

Select a Tab Type

To select the tab type:

a. At the extreme left of the horizontal ruler, click the tab selector button until the desired tab type is displayed.

b. Use the Tabs dialog box.

            1.       On the HOME tab, in the Paragraph group, select the dialog box launcher to display the Paragraph dialog box.

            2.       In the Paragraph dialog box, select the Tabs button to open the Tabs dialog box.

            3.       In the Tabs dialog box, under Alignment, select a tab type and select OK.

Note: –  You can also open the Tabs dialog box by double-clicking a tab stop on the ruler.

Set the Tab Stop Position

To set a tab stop position:

            1.       Click a position on the horizontal ruler to set the tab stop. To set more tabs of the same type, click additional locations on the ruler.

            2.       In the Tabs dialog box, in the Tab stop position box, enter the desired position for each tab and select Set. When done setting tabs, select OK.

            3.       If necessary, move a tab stop by dragging it to a new position on the ruler.

Clear Tab Stops

To clear tab stops:

            1.       On the ruler, click the tab stop you want to remove and drag it away from the ruler.

            2.        In the Tabs dialog box, select Clear All.

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